How to use Snapchat to promote your products?

Snapchat has grown into much bigger platform than just for sending and receiving snaps. Today this social media platform is widely used by businesses that promote their products and services in order to expand their customer base. If you want to make a breakthrough in the business field than you simply must promote your products on Snapchat. Snapchat allows sharing images, short videos, snaps and stories that are highly effective for doing marketing for products.  There are some pretty quality features on Snapchat of which you can take advantage. You can change the view time of your images or making the profile public so everyone could see it and see what you offer.

Using Snapchat for Successful Product Promotion

  • Promote a product or an event in your store. If there is something new in your store then you can make people interested by sharing that with public. Write something about what people can expect in the upcoming days and tell them about new products and the benefits of them. Advertise something that is still not released and build curiosity and anticipation by posting some interesting things regarding the products.
  • Post relevant, quality snaps. Tell your potential customers about certain products and events. Also create some interesting snaps that are funny and entertaining, which will have a good effect on people. 
  • Use Snapchat stories. Regular snaps go away quickly, but Snapchat stories remain for longer period and people will see them more often in their feeds. Snapchat stories are great for engaging lots of people at the same time. However, do not post too often as that may have counter-effects. Promoting products through Snapchat stories once or twice per day should be enough.
  • Offer coupons, discounts, promotional codes, and organize prize contests. This is pretty good and effective way for doing product promotion.  By offering such things you can increase sales. Make these offers funny, entertaining and attractive so more people will use them. When it comes to contests, a good idea is to ask Snapchat users to take selfie pictures with products you intend to sell and give some users a free product or big discount for certain product. That will surely motivate Snapchat users to take part in the contest and increase the awareness for your brand.
  • Use paid advertising option of Snapchat. Snapchat has some very good options for paid product promotion. Just open a business account and create paid marketing campaign. There are all kinds of options you can use with the Snapchat business account, so explore them all and use the most suitable one for your business.

            These were a few effective ways through which you can promote your products on Snapchat. If you’re in the adult industry, check out how models have create premium snapchats in order to personally monetize the app. Check more details about each of them and find the best solution for your business. You can also use all of them if you want. Anyhow, Snapchat is really powerful tool for product promotion so it is recommended you start using it as soon as possible.