iOS 14 And Facebook Ads, Are The Rumors True?

Apple has announced the next version of the operating system that powers the iPhone 7 and all later iPhone models: iOS 14. While the launch of the iPhone X this week was a highlight, there was much more to come. Along with new features and improvements to existing software, iOS 14 will introduce a number of features that will be available to all users of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. These include a Night Shift mode that will reduce blue light in the evening and a new metric that will let users know when they need to get up and move around.

Female hand holding smartphone – communication concept

As usual, the rumors about an upcoming iOS version are flying around the internet. So, what’s the deal? Well, when a new iOS version comes along, many websites begin speculating about the new features—features that will, of course, be part of the next-generation iPhone. With iOS 14, we’re excited to see a ton of new features that make it easier to do everyday tasks, even with your Apple Watch Series 3. This update also comes with a number of new ARKit features, including the ability to place virtual objects in your real-world environment. If you plan on using AR in your business, you’ll also want to know about these new developer tools coming to iOS, including the ability to create a side menu on the bottom of your app that’s connected to your main menu above.

Facebook is expected to release a new version of their mobile app this fall which includes a major upgrade to their advertising platform, and we will be keeping an eye on what features are in the new app to see how they will affect Facebook ads. There has been a lot of talk among social media marketers about whether the rumored iOS 14 release date will affect Facebook Ads. The rumors began after Facebook’s Senior Executive VP, Chris Cox, told the audience at the 2018 F8 Developer Conference that the company would be introducing new features to enhance the user experience on its platform, as well as support for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

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